Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League
Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League

The group of fans that joined to ask Warner Bros for the release of Zack Snyder’s original montage of ‘Justice League‘ has a new purpose. Following the question of the suicide of Snyder’s daughter that caused the director to abandon the DC film, this group has decided to launch a campaign to support the prevention of suicide, organizing a fundraiser to benefit the organization without the intention of Profit American Foundation for the prevention of suicide.

For this, this group of fans has initiated an action on social networks in which, through various messages disseminated with the hashtags #5for5 and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, they encouraged users to make donations to the aforementioned organization and to share their action through a capture of screen. In this way, they would support a good cause as a tribute to Autumm Snyder, the deceased daughter of the director, and also give visibility to his campaign to achieve the launch of the original assembly of ‘The League of Justice’.

Inspired by Wonder Woman

This action has been spearheaded by Fiona Zheng, the founder of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement. Through his Twitter account, Zheng has said that with this campaign he hopes to help “leave a lasting legacy” following the humanitarian example of the Wonder Woman character.

“Have you ever wondered what Wonder Woman would do?” Doing the right thing can sometimes be hard, but Diana, Princess of Themyscira, has inspired us to do this, which is why I would like to invite you, wherever you are from, to celebrate the power, the grace, the wisdom, the wonder and the love of Wonder Woman on July 13 at the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut event,” Zheng shared in his publication on Twitter.

This would have been the original ‘League of Justice’ by Zack Snyder

1The main motivation of Steppenwolf

Why is Steppenwolf on Earth? What is the main motivation that this villain pursues? It seems that the version of Zack Snyder was going to reveal to us that the Mother Boxes, those that the personage reunites throughout the film, contained the essence of Heggra, the mother of Steppenwolf, which would cause that when reuniting them all it would obtain to free its power and succeed in overthrowing his uncle, Darkseid, who currently rules the planet Apokolips. This would be the reason why Steppenwolf refers in several scenes to the boxes simply as “mother”.

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2The flashback of the battle against Steppenwolf was longer

The scene in which we returned to the past to see the Amazons, the inhabitants of Atlantis, the men and even Green Lantern fighting Steppenwolf and its pandemoniums, was going to have a longer duration, including originally dialogues and the appearance of Antiope, the character that Robin Wright played in Wonder Woman. In fact, Wright had proven his presence in the film at first.

In the final montage by Joss Whedon that has hit theaters, the scene is only shown as a small flashback narrated with a voiceover.

3Cyborg’s accident was going to be shown

The story of Cyborg was originally going to have many more important in the plot of ‘Justice League’. As it was seen in a television spot and revealed by the actor Ray Fisher for Game Spot, during the film, we went to see Victor Stone being Victor Stone and we would attend first hand the accident that led to the death of his mother and his conversion into Cyborg after the power of a Mother Box was used to save his life.

Much of his story arc, was going to turn on his remorse to have survived the accident and his mother, something that there is hardly any mention in the final assembly released in theaters. In fact, the actress Karen Bryson, who was originally chosen to play Cyborg’s mother, has no presence in the film.

4Atlantis was going to have much more presence

The time that Aquaman spends at Atlantis in ‘Justice League‘ was originally going to be much longer. As Jason Momoa revealed for GameSpot, we were originally going to discover the place in a much more detailed way, talking about a scene where Mera (Amber Heard) urged Aquaman to stay, since she did not trust Orm, the so-called Ocean Master. This scene also included the appearance of Willem Dafoe as Vulko, according to what was revealed by Momoa.

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5The weight of consciousness of Batman

In ‘Batman v. Superman: The dawn of justice, we saw a Batman who had no qualms about killing criminals. This aspect, it seems that originally was going to have great importance in ‘Justice League’, because according to information collected by several interviews, such as the one offered by Ben Affleck for Collider in 2016, it seems that in the film we were going to see a Batman with a great weight of conscience for the acts he has done, thinking that he would only find atonement for his actions at death.

This aspect would be the main motivation that would lead the character, at the end of the film, to make the suicidal decision to use the Flying Fox to fight with the pandemonios at the base of Steppenwolf in Chernobyl.

6The nightmare of ‘Batman v. Superman ‘was going to be important

The nightmare that we saw in ‘Batman v. Superman‘ in which Batman sees an apocalyptic future with the presence of several pandemonios, it seems that it was going to have great importance within ‘Justice League‘.

According to the information collected by ComicBookMovie, Batman, after learning the power of Steppenwolf to turn the dead into pandemonios, remembers his nightmare and thinks that this villain can raise Superman from the dead , which could lead to his vision of the future apocalyptic becomes reality. This would be the reason why he decides to resuscitate Superman and prevent Steppenwolf from doing it before them.

7Jonathan Kent was going to be key in the return of Superman

Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Superman, was also going to have his importance in ‘Justice League‘. It seems that after resurrecting, Superman has a vision about the advice that his adoptive father had given him, serving as the final push to regain sanity and return to himself.

9Deathstroke and Lex Luthor were going to have more presence

The escape of Lex Luthor from Arkham that was shown to us in the last post-credit scene was going to be shown in much more detail during the original footage of the film. In it, we would see Deathstroke help Luthor to escape from prison, misleading the police and away from Lex while he flees. Both are in meeting once they have got rid of the police, which would take us to the post-credit scene that we could see.

10Cyborg dies trying to separate the Mother Boxes

As noted, Cyborg, trying to separate the Mother Boxes at the end of ‘Justice League‘, would hear Heggra’s voice, which would lead him to glimpse the same nightmare that Bruce Wayne saw in ‘Batman v. Superman. ‘ This makes that, Steppenwolf, taking advantage of the character is out of place, I grabbed and split it in half instead of pulling only one leg as we saw in the movie released in theaters. Batman would keep Victor’s remains in the Batcueva, as he believes there may be a way to restart Cyborg’s robotic side.

11Lois reveals to Perry White that Clark Kent is Superman

Originally, ‘Justice League‘ was not going to end with the scene of Clark Kent walking through Metropolis, but it was going to do with Lois revealing to Perry White the true identity of Superman in the offices of the Daily Planet.

The character of Perry was going to be used to help explain why Clark was declared dead and he just came back exactly at the same time as Superman, something that, in some way or another, they should resolve in upcoming DC Extended Universe films by not having This scene has been shown in the final assembly of ‘Justice League’.

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