YouTube HDR iPhone X
YouTube HDR iPhone X

More and more applications are still being updated to offer a better experience to iPhone X users. This is the case of YouTube, which according to MacRumors, has just implemented support so that users can play high dynamic range (HDR) videos in the most recent Apple phone.

In case they are not clear, the videos that have the HDR mode offer a wider range of colors and improve the contrast of the images. In addition, this format also supports high-quality video playback on a wide variety of screen sizes.

How to watch videos in HDR on the iPhone X?

The version 13.17 YouTube for iOS is responsible for bringing the update to iPhone X. To enable users to take advantage of this feature, you must find videos compatible with HDR in the application. At the moment they open one of them, they should touch the three points located in the upper right corner of the screen, choose the ‘Quality’ section and there they should make sure to choose 1080p60 HDR.

The App Store is not recognized. 🙁

As indicated by MacRumors, Apple debuted with HDR support last year with the “Super Retina” screen of the iPhone X, which became the first OLED HDR screen that reached the company’s smartphones.

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