How to choose graduation dress according to your personality style
Choose dress according to your personality style

If you are a girl who finds it difficult to decide on the perfect outfit for your graduation party, do not worry! Keep reading, because here are some tips that will help you choose the best outfit, according to your personality.


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You love being fashionable and using your free time to browse magazines and find out about the latest trends.

What’s up with you?: A very short dress! You will definitely enjoy fashion accessories, although remember that pink and black are your best friends. Likewise the shoes must be new and seasonal, just check that they combine with your look and smile of a princess that, more than one, melts.

Footwear: With front platform and high heel needle.


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You look like a model when it comes to showing off a little outfit in the bar or shopping center with your friends.

What’s up with you?: Surely, you’ll love a neckline or a coquettish miniskirt; the right tone for a truly sexy look is red. Remember that if you teach more, it may be in bad taste, so choose between a nice neckline (back or shoulders) or an open high side.

Footwear: Uncovered back high heel.


You are one of those girls who beats wearing clothes that once stood out for being original, which gives you the opportunity to recycle those of your grandmother or aunt.

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What’s up with you?: A recommended attire would be like a movie diva of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe style, sounds fun right ?, plays with colors depending on the season and even with accessories, as you know , The classics are the best!

Footwear: Square toe.


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You play your music until the walls of your house shake, you have tattoos on the back, arms, ankle and a nose piercing. Your casual clothes to go to school, obviously, jacket and leather pants.

What’s with you?: What’s yours is the black and the silver, combines both when selecting a short garment that preferably carries details such as studs and inlays. Follow your heart, when you choose your accessories, do not be afraid to use your black watch with plastic strap, be yourself, in this way, you will be the envy of more than one.

Footwear: Booties with a stiletto heel and many buckles.



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You characterize yourself because you never take a false step, you have the precaution of studying the terrain meticulously, in a few words, you prefer the style of outfit of years ago to dare to be fashionable.

What’s up with you?: A set of blazer-pants, boyfriend style. Let your imagination fly when choosing the fabric, but that does make sure that the garment, even if it is basic, makes you look like a queen.

Footwear: Closed heel medium.

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If this has been your dream for years: your fairy godmother making the garments with which you will dance with your prince charming, then, you belong to the sentimental club.

What’s up with you?: A dress in a light and soft hammock style, like mint, white or pale pink, and a heart-shaped neckline, as well as delicate, fine and elegant accessories. Make sure there are no blunders in your outfit, for example, put very thick gold chains, that will give a pass to the memory and the heart of everyone who sees you that night.

Footwear: Transparent (resembling glass).


You distinguish yourself by your wise decisions regarding fashion and because you never walk in style.

What’s with you?: The gold, black and red are ideal for transmitting power and sophistication, so do not hesitate and choose a long night strapless that defines your waist.

Footwear: Multicolored black or transparent high heel.


Who knows you has never seen you angry, even with fights. Always with a smile on your lips, with lots of energy and happy to be appointed the official counselor of your classroom.

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What’s up with you?: The yellows or oranges that will hide a little waist and a little bust. Choose a wardrobe with asymmetrical neckline, as it will make the eyes turn to your face.

Footwear: Those sneakers that have a bow tie on the side or opposite, with many straps or heeled gariboloado.

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