Google Play Protect
Google Play Protect

During the last few years, Android users have been debating whether or not it was necessary to install antivirus on their phones, since at least it was common practice if you had a PC at home, however, despite what many users think, the antivirus on Android have never been necessary, much less now.

During the past Google IO, the Mountain View company announced an important novelty for Android, whose name is Google Play Protect, and its function is to analyze the millions of applications that are and will continue to rise to the Play Store, in addition to constantly analyzing your Installed applications to detect malware or possible security holes.

Google Play Protect was launched a couple of weeks ago in the United States, and now Google has made official its landing around the world, so in the next few hours or days you will be seeing this new feature on your Android device.

You should not perform any type of installation to use Google Play Protect, it will be integrated into the Play Store, and now it will be the product responsible for managing the Android device manager.

Google has mentioned that this new service analyzes more than 500 million applications a day, and is integrated into Chrome to detect malicious sites, so we have a powerful Android antivirus signed by Google.

Once your device has Google Play Protect, you will notice that before installing an application you will see the icon of the system and it will notify you that it has analyzed the applications installed on your phone, likewise, every time you install a new application the legend will appear of “Verified by Google Play Protect”

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This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Android projects in recent years, hopefully with this Google will eradicate the problem of malware in the Play Store, which in recent weeks has received many improvements to eliminate completely the problem of Cloned apps, so in the coming years we can have a totally safe and much cleaner application store.

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