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You can now share your Instagram posts in stories

Instagram posts
Instagram posts

Instagram takes a few months making important changes in its application and also adding new features that improve the service. One of the last functions to arrive allows us to have portrait mode in all Android phones. Today the thing is not about shooting modes, but it has to do with Instagram stories. The company takes some time focusing on this section and leaving the feed something aside. Today there are no changes in the feed, but we can share content in the stories in a very simple way. So far the quickest solution was to make a capture and upload it.

This method is not bad, but the quality in some cases was not the desired one. In addition, the format does not always remain as we expect. Now Instagram has an infinitely better and easier solution . You will not have to make captures and you can share your posts in the feed with Instagram stories.

Share your posts or those of other users

This new feature not only allows us to publish our photos in Instagram stories, but we can also do it with other users. We just have to go to the publication, click on the arrow and choose “Add publication to your story“. Once you do it, that section will open with the photograph and a pastel background. You can edit the size and if you click on the photograph you can change the format so that more information about the author and the description is shown.

It is not an interesting feature for our own publications, but for other users’. Sharing a publication will no longer mean taking a screenshot, having to cut it and even mentioning the person, simply click on the arrow icon and the whole process will be done almost automatically.

In addition, we can decorate this story with scribbles, text and the stickers we want. When you do it, that action does not notify the other person, something good and bad at the same time. We do not know if it will be changed, but in the tests that we have done the notifications have not appeared in any of the cases. It’s a good way to save time and it shows that Instagram has been seeing what is necessary in their application. While other functions will be forgotten, possibly this is one of the most used stories.


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