xiaomi move it beat pesas
xiaomi move it beat pesas

Do you remember the games that went on the market for the Wii? Those who wanted to get fit dancing, like the Just Dance, or the one that simulated a Pilates class (Wii Fit Plus). Xiaomi has not forgotten and has thought it appropriate to launch into the adventure with some smart dumbbells or dumbbells.

It is no longer just a competition for children or gamers who want to activate their body a little, the brand aims to put users in shape with these small weights. Let’s face it, as physical activity as a leisure is acceptable, but you can hardly get to train with these dumbbells. Even so, we tell you all the details in case you dare to acquire a couple of them.

Virtual trainings and bluetooth connection

The Xiaomi Move It Beat are small dumbbells that have bluetooth connection so you can link them with your mobile phone. Something like it happened with Just Dance, in this case you will also have to follow the movements and training of your virtual coach. At least the laughs are assured, more if it fits if you made it in company.

To make sure that it is a striking proposal, the company has decided to create a crowdfunding in China and that the public will make the idea a reality. Fun training with light weights, who gives more?

We know that many people are embarrassed to exercise in the gym, due to ignorance or physical complexes, so this could be a perfect option to start training with weights. Just do not think that the charges are too high; for now they only have in mind to get three pesos: 0.50 kg, 0.75 kg and 1 kilo.
Logically, they will be sold in packs of two and will be aimed at beginners in fitness, seniors and anyone who wants to have fun moving the body.

  The Punching Bag, Your Training Partner

Smart weights?

As was already the case with the Wii Remote, these weights will also have a small and removable sensor that will be responsible for recognizing the movements we make. Also, we can also see if we are doing well movements and improve with the advice they provide from the application.
The Xiaomi Move It Beat contains a rechargeable battery via micro USB. It takes half an hour to load and will perform during five hours of training (1080 mAh).

Although for now they are only available in China, their price is 13, 15 and 17 €, depending on the weight of the dumbbell we choose.

Do you dare to train virtually?

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