Would you like to go back to Windows XP? This concept shows us what could be its appearance today

Introducing Windows XP 2018 Edition
Introducing Windows XP 2018 Edition

Windows 10 is a mature system and already settled. Not in vain it is the most used version of the Microsoft operating system. But before Windows 10 we have some frankly good editions (others not so much) that we now remember with the nostalgia of past eras.

Can you imagine being able to travel in time? That’s what the video that we see below proposes and in which the old Windows XP returns to a better life but adapted to the current currents of design and functions. A video in which we see a version of Windows XP at the height of what Windows 10 offers.

Nostalgia effect

We have seen Windows 10 April 2018 Update arrive just now, the latest update for the moment for a version of Windows that apparently will be the last one that will reach the markets. Nothing of Windows 11 or equivalents. The cloud will dominate everything and Windows will no longer be a product to buy.

For that reason, looking back offers us that halo of nostalgia, especially when it was a totally different era in which the problems we faced with our PC were completely different.

Windows XP is for many the symbol of an era and in fact still survives in many teams, especially in banks and official agencies. After Windows Vista came XP but the feeling was not the same.

So there is that longing that many of us have, which is why we love the video that a user has created in which he has recreated what the Windows XP might look like, but launched in 2018. A Windows XP with everything that gave itself but with an improved graphic appearance.

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The “updated” Windows XP offered by the concept is interesting. Mix some touches of Windows 10 with touches to Fluent Design, but the lines go another way. With a more traditional touch it faithfully represents the color palette offered by Windows XP and the classic menus to which we were accustomed.

Windows 10 may look great but when we see a video how this more than one we would love to become a reality , even in the form of a theme to be able to “tune” Windows 10 and at times alleviate that nostalgia effect.

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