World Emoji Day: what are the ten most popular
World Emoji Day: what are the ten most popular

The digital world is happy because today July 17 is the World Emoji Day those nice faces or representations of everyday life that give life to messages on social networks.

This festival emerged in 2004 by the idea of Jeremy Burge, the creator of the “Emojipedia”, who chose this date because the drawing that recreates a calendar has on July 17 recorded in its design for both iOS and Android.

According to unofficial figures, emojis are available in 2 thousand 800 different designs. According to Facebook data, of all these drawings, at least 2 thousand 300 are used daily in their domains, which include WhatsApp and Instagram. In fact, only in Messenger every day is sent the incredible amount of 900 million emojis without text.

The same Facebook report points out that on December 31, the New Year’s Eve, is when more emojis are sent in the world.

The web Emojitracker, which tracks in real time the use of emojis on Twitter, presented its ranking of the 10 most used emojis in the world.

1.- Face that cries with laughter
2.- Heart
3.- Recycling icon
4.- Face with eyes of the heart
5.- Letter of hearts
6.- Face crying disconsolately
7.- Smiling
face 8.- Face of dissatisfaction or grumpy look
9.- Dulpa of pink hearts in different size
10.- Kiss with heart

As regards the most popular countries, here is an image disclosed by Facebook.

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