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With this wearable you can measure the tension of your tendons when training

Wearable tendons
Wearable tendons

Technology evolves at the speed of light and sports wearables are increasingly meticulous. From the University of Wisconsin comes a portable device that is able to measure the strain suffered by the tendon when we perform some physical activity. The human body is too complex to understand, so this new advance could help researchers measure and understand the forces that affect muscles during movement.

Information needed for personalized treatments

This wearable is not just a device for the curious, but professionals can design prosthetics and more personalized treatments. We hardly give importance to the tension that our tendons suffer, so that a correct measurement can help us to know if the tendon that we had injured has healed correctly.

The scientists wanted to be able to observe how the vibration changes during physical activity, in order to calculate the tension of the tendon in the movement. How have they achieved it? Putting a small device on the skin of a tendon. This device performs about 50 light beats per second in the tendon, causing the vibratory waves to travel through the tendon. Two miniature accelerometers will be responsible for measuring the speed of this wave.

Thanks to knowing how the vibration varies during the activity, the experts can know the tension on the tendon during the movement.

The pressure is different when changing speed

The patella, the hamstrings and the Achilles heels have been the areas in which they have tested this device. It is striking how the tendons undergo different pressures depending on the length of the step and the speed at which they move.

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It can be a very profitable advance on the part of the athletes. Not only can they detect the degree of injury or the evolution of rehabilitation, but it could also correct the footprint.


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