Wine affects sound quality
Wine affects sound quality

It is not the first time that we commit that the consumption of alcohol produces unwanted effects in our organism. Although popular belief has made us think that wine and beer are drinks that we can drink regularly, the reality is that avoiding them is the healthiest option.

A new study published in the Daily Mail ensures that taking large amounts of alcohol (2 glasses of wine in women and 3 in men), reduces in 39’2% the quality of sleep. The cardiological benefits of having wine are no longer important, as it gives us a low quality of rest.

It has negative effects even on young people

One of the co-authors of the study and professor at the Tampere University of Technology (Finland), Tero Myllymaki, commented that ” when a person is young and physically active it is easy or even natural to feel invincible. However, the analyzes have shown that despite being young, any person is susceptible to the harmful effects of alcohol, especially in recovery when he falls asleep.”

He also wanted to give importance to the relationship between quality and quantity of sleep: ” We know that it is not possible to add hours when sleeping, but it is possible to do it more efficiently. The changes may be small, but if they are in the right direction, they can have a very positive impact.”

Consumption must be reduced

The researchers also studied in depth how they affect small doses of alcohol, for those who try to find the three feet of the cat. The result that they obtained is that although they are small amounts, the consequences in the organism are also negative.

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So when a woman has a drink and the man two, the quality of sleep is still affected, reducing by 24%. And as you well know, that is the dose that has been openly recommended so far; being a moderate amount.
Even so, people who drink wine although in smaller quantities, continues to affect their rest by 9’3%.

To do this study, 4,098 adults participated voluntarily. Their ages ranged from 18 to 65, and all underwent devices that measured heart rate for at least 2 nights. Of course, he only took alcohol in one of them.
In conclusion, the experts determined that having a poor rest can be related to anxiety and depression. So do not joke that little glass of wine before going to sleep.

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