The latest cumulative update
The latest cumulative update

Despite the announced death that is already set for Windows on mobile, the Redmond company continues to release updates for Windows 10 Mobile. Policy that has a nuance and is that the pace of updates for the mobile operating system has nothing to do with the PC, where the arrival of Builds is continuous.

We will not see new features coming, that’s clear, but at least, the owners of a terminal that works under Windows 10 Mobile can access updates that will help improve the stability of the system.

Without new functions

Microsoft releases for Windows 10 Mobile in its 1709 version of Windows Fall Creators Update, Build 15254.490 corresponding to patch KB4341235. An update that they have communicated in the blog of the company and from which we now clear the news that it contributes:

  • An issue with sending forms in Internet Explorer has been fixed .
  • The Inspect Element feature of Internet Explorer has been updated to comply with the policy that disables the launch of Development Tools.
  • Fixed an error that may cause an incorrect IME mode to be chosen in an IME-active element.
  • Fixed bug that causes DNS requests to ignore proxy settings in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed problems with updated time zone information.
  • This update evaluates the Windows ecosystem to help ensure the compatibility of applications and devices for all Windows updates.
  • Added security updates for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows applications, Windows graphics, Windows virtualization, Windows kernel and Windows Server.

If you have a phone under Windows 10 Mobile in the 1709 version, you can download it by going to the “Configuration Menu” and look for “Update and security” and then click on “Check for updates” and wait if it detects Build 15254.490 for download and update.

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