Closed Wikipedia
Closed Wikipedia

Yesterday, the Wikipedia in Italy closed its access to users, and today Spain is experiencing a similar situation. The reason for these sudden closures is due to Article 11 and Article 13 proposed in the new legislation of the European Union that seeks to change the Internet as used in Europe today.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that it was Wikipedia that made this decision, and not as such the government of these countries, and it has been done as a peaceful demonstration against the aforementioned articles, especially Article 13, which It poses a kind of Internet censorship.

According to the newspaper El Español, article 13 is a proposal for a directive on copyright in the digital single market, and that would have serious consequences, such as that Twitter stopped having memes, that YouTube will no longer have Remixes created. by any user, or even stop publishing parodies of artists or politicians on the Internet.

On the other hand, Article 11, which is known as the AEDE canon or Google tax, has already been approved in Spain, but now it is being applied in all the countries of the European Union, and it was born because the media demanded that Google they will pay for linking their news to Google News, since according to them they lost visits and income.

Obviously Google chose to close Google News in Spain, to pay for the links, a situation that also affected other news aggregators, so the fact that Article 11 is applied in the European Union, could mean the closure of large services of news aggregators such as Google News, Apple News, Flipboard and others, could even have repercussions also on social network services.

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Why does this affect Wikipedia?

Well, Wikipedia is one of the websites where more content is uploaded per day, therefore, the fact of having to comply with the filters imposed by these articles will totally change the way of using Wikipedia, in addition to that a lot of information could disappear, and another such would never see the light, a situation that will affect the community on the Internet.

For this reason, Wikipedia has closed in Spain and Italy, showing a protest message explaining the reasons why both articles directly affect the service and the entire Internet.

Tomorrow the EU will vote to apply both articles, so there is not much time left to prevent this from happening. Therefore, the site, Save Your Internet, has been created, showing step by step what the residents of the European Union can do to try to avoid this fact that will change the way of using the Internet in most of Europe.


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