Important to strengthen core
Exercising this middle area of ​​the body will make us more effective athletically.

Surely, by now, you’ve heard the term core more than once. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably wondering what it means. If, on the other hand, you are a regular at the gym, you will know what we are talking about. However, even if you have an idea, you may not know exactly how important it is to work it. We tell you!

What is the core?

The term “core” means “core.” Therefore, if we talk about our body, we are referring to the very center of it. Its function is very important in many ways and working to keep it strong brings great advantages. In this way, the core includes the musculature located in the central part of our body. That is, the entire abdominal region and the lower back.

What is the function of the core?

Protect our body

This central part of the musculature of our body acts as a protector of the internal organs, since it acts as a skeleton in this area with an absence of bone structure.

Improve body posture

It balances posture and reduces the risk of injury. It is the center from which all movements arise. A stable core maintains a firm posture, adds strength to our limbs and thus reduces the risk of injury.

Greater stability

A strong core is synonymous with stability. Faced with a blow or fall, a strengthened center can avoid many problems, as it remains stable in the face of setbacks.

Balance and coordination

It is key to developing balance, coordination and stability , since it is the center of gravity of our body.

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Improves breathing

A worked core improves the capacity of breathing, since it allows to expel all the air from our lungs, leaving space for clean air to enter.

Reduce fat

Burn fat from the middle zone without having to choose the classic abs exercises. In addition, it strengthens this area in a very deep and effective way.

Decreases fatigue

By improving the position, the position of the shoulders, neck and pelvis, the breathing rate is optimized. Therefore, it reduces the feeling of fatigue and is very important, especially in the sports field.

Longer workouts

A strong core contributes to a more efficient musculature. With it, the energy expenditure will be lower and the training can be extended easily.

Running less aggressive

When the musculature of the center of our body is strong and stable, we can resist in a less aggressive way the impact of the stride when we go running. In this way, the joints suffer less and the totality of our body is more resistant.

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