Cracking Knuckles
Cracking Knuckles

The answer was found thanks to a mathematical model.

Have you ever fucked your fingers? There are people who can make it easier than others. What are you?

It turns out that Swiss researchers discovered why the fingers are thundering. And all thanks to a mathematical model! This was the process that followed:

  1. They started from the articulation is wrapped in a fluid and focused on studying it.
  2. They represented the articulation of the fingers geometrically.
  3. They combined it with a series of equations to simulate the sound of the crunch of the fingers.

And taran !, they discovered that when we squeeze the fingers, the fluid of the joint has pressure variations? which causes microscopic bubbles of the fluid to explode, producing acoustic waves.

According to experts, it is enough that only a part of the bubbles burst to produce the sound of the crunch. How about? Did you imagine that this was the answer?

Ah? It is important to say that the Swiss specialists did not say whether it is harmful to crack their fingers, since it was not part of their investigation.


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