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Why do we wake up very hungry in the morning?

Because we woke up hungry
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It is quite common to wake up wanting to eat the whole pantry or even go to bed thinking about breakfast the next morning. This may be a small warning that there is something in your day to day that you do not do well, and it is surely related to your diet. We tell you why you get up so hungry every day and the solution you can put into practice to avoid that craving.

Do you have good eating habits?

One of the worst feelings is going to bed hungry because of not having eaten anything. Apart from the fact that you will have a hard time falling asleep, it is likely that during the night you wake up several times as a result of your digestive system sending you pangs of hunger.
Also, forget that not having dinner will make you lose weight. The only thing you will cause is that the next morning you wake up wanting to eat an elephant.

In opposite position we have those who swell to eat before going to bed. It is essential that you dine a couple of hours before going to sleep, so you make sure you have digested and you will not feel heavy during the night. Keep in mind that while we sleep, our digestive system slows down and that is why it takes much longer to perform the digestion.

If you get hungry between dinner time and going to bed, you can have a light snack that satisfies you and soothes your appetite.

How is your dream?

Your sleep also influences the quality of the night’s rest. Our circadian rhythm, by nature, is accustomed to sleeping at night; so falling asleep very early or very soon can alter this rhythm. If you sleep soon, it will be normal that at midnight you wake up hungry or that the next day you overdo it at breakfast; try to delay your bedtime a bit so you do not spend so many hours fasting.

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Nighttime feeding syndrome

Do not you know this syndrome? Those who suffer from hunger wake them up. It can happen for several reasons:

  • You do not eat enough during the day. It is very important that you consume the necessary calories, especially if you do sports regularly. Consult with a nutrition professional how many daily calories you must take to perform efficiently and, above all, stay satiated throughout the day.
  • You skip some meals
  • You have mood or eating disorders

Normally, these people ingest half of the daily calories after six in the afternoon and they do so through unhealthy foods (ultra-processed snacks, low-quality carbohydrates…).
The same happens with those who wake up with an atrocious hunger, the first thing they want to have breakfast are carbohydrates full of sugars that calm their appetites.


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