Why Onions Make You Cry
Why Onions Make You Cry

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University deciphered it.
Every time you have to cook, do you see the onion and have you seen your eyes full of tears in a minute? Well, what makes you cry is a chemical reaction that releases a substance called volatile tear factor, which is the cause of irritation in the eyes.

This reaction is generated by the combination of two components that come together when splitting, one of them is an enzyme called lachrymatory factor synthase and the other the enzyme is seasoned, which gives the flavor to that herbaceous plant.

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, analyzed the structure of the first enzyme and compared it with other molecules to determine what steps it takes to get tears to the people who cut the onion.

This special feature was used to protect against microbes and animals.


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