Siri say Stan Lee is dead
Siri say Stan Lee is dead

What a surprise that some iOS users took when they asked Siri how old Stan Lee was, the creator of many of today’s most popular Marvel comics, as Apple’s assistant announced that this character had died, situation that left the users impacted.

This fact was reported by Sean O’Connell, who after hearing that Siri was killing Stan Lee, quickly searched the news on Google, but found no related news, a situation that led him to think that Siri was lying.

So, if Stan Lee was alive, why did Siri say he was dead? The reason is that Siri obtains the shared information from the Wikidata (Wikipedia database), in addition to other Internet sites, and because a user had modified Stan Lee’s biography, writing that the author of Spiderman, Ant -Man, Thor, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and many others had recently passed away at age 95.

The user who modified this information was “& beer & love”, however, the data was already corrected and this user has been expelled from Wikipedia, because it was not the first time he did something similar.

Apparently this problem was not only presented by Siri, but it was here where it was reported, although by the way virtual assistants are fed with information, it is likely that both Google Assistant and Alexa gave the same information to their users who did the same. same question.

As we mentioned, the information has already been corrected, and this type of situation is common in Wikipedia, however, it does not take long for it to be identified and corrected by other users of the Wikipedia community.

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