The most original music in the World
The most original music in the World

It is not a country in Latin America.

Have you ever wondered how original the music you listen is? What would you think of it in other countries?

Well, you’re not the only one with this doubt, English researchers analyzed, through a computer program, 8200 recordings from around the world. Many!

The program analyzed the rhythm, the melody, the timbre of the instruments and the harmony of all the previous ones to define if that piece of music was original.

Do you want to know which country has songs that share more things between them? It was Botswana (Africa), where they compose and play songs with solos of musical bow (a traditional African instrument of plucked string) and choral dance songs are also made accompanied by clapping and percussion.

Other places that were winners are:

  • -Republic of Benin (Africa): with distinctive recordings for its rhythm and harmony.
  • -Guyana Francesa (France): for the music with the most characteristic timbre.
  • -Zimbabwe (Africa): for the most original melodies.

The English researchers also concluded that the music of China, Brazil, Colombia and Mozambique is very different from those of their closest neighbors, although it is not unique in the world.

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