Kylie Jenner Stormi webster
Kylie Jenner Stormi webster

I’m not going to share more pictures of my daughter at the moment,” Kylie Jenner answered mysteriously to a fan, surprised that she had trimmed the girl’s face from a selfie. Since it took the whole pregnancy in absolute secrecy and we barely knew anything of what was happening until Stormi was born, we could come to think that this decision responds to some advertising or commercial whim rather than personal interest. Recall that the Kardashian do not do anything just because. However, as revealed by some media, the reason that has led Kylie not to show the face of the girl is serious, not at all capricious and should not even exist: they have received threats of kidnapping.

The surprise came to verify that, in addition, Kylie had removed all the photos of Stormi from his Instagram feed . What we could not imagine is that this attack of privacy had such unpleasant motives. Thus, a source close to the family also revealed that “There has been a growing number of social media trolls calling Stormi ‘ugly’, insulting her in a very ugly way.” With situations like this, lines are crossed that should never be crossed: with children, it is NOT PLAYED on social networks.

But insults can be forgotten; the threats, not: “Kylie is very sad because some of those comments were direct threats of kidnapping,” they explain. This is too much.

Kylie is very concerned about this situation and hurt because some believe it is her fault that all this is happening. They believe that they have shared too many images of the child and that they have exceeded the sharenting (share photos of your children on social networks) so they would have decided to cut it off. At the moment, there are not and will not be more Stormi images.

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Although you have to be careful with the photos that are shared by the children, it is very unfair to blame the parents themselves in situations like this. The bad faith of the trolls is what has unleashed this situation and, at this point, people should already know that children are not kidding. We can understand perfectly the decision that Kylie has taken regarding Stormi, after all that happened.

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