These are the restrictions that WhatsApp imposes on its users to forward messages
Among the restrictions are limiting forwarding to 20 chats per person and deleting the forwarding button for messages that include multimedia such as videos or images.

The new feature that notifies users if a message has been forwarded on WhatsApp caused controversy since its announcement, so Facebook decided to include the “forwarded” notice without telling the recipient who shared the text or image in the first place. warns the original sender that his message has been forwarded.

Among other restrictions within the new tool, the forwarded messages would be restricted to 20 chats per person throughout the world , regulations that change to five in India, due to the number of murders in that country because of the dissemination of false news by middle of the app.

“We believe that these changes, which we will continue to evaluate, will help to maintain WhatsApp as it was designed: a private messaging application, ” the company said in a publication on its official blog.

The new restriction will come into force as of this week among the more than one billion WhatsApp users, although the change will mostly affect India, the region that sends the most messages within the app, the company said in the statement.

Similarly, WhatsApp indicated that it will delete the forwarding button for messages that include multimedia such as audio recordings, videos or images .

In this way, WhatsApp will try to reduce criticism of its responsibility in events such as those in India or the spread of false news and scams through its platform.

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