What will Justin Bieber do with his tattoo dedicated to Selena Gomez?
What will Justin Bieber do with his tattoo dedicated to Selena Gomez?

Despite their comings and goings, many believed that Justin Bieber would end his days next to what has been, until now, the love of his life: Selena Gomez. That’s why the news of his commitment to Hailey Baldwin has caught many by surprise. It seems that the Canadian has forgotten his ex-girlfriend, although there is still something that makes her think about her: a tattoo that she wears on her arm.

Justin Bieber is passionate about ink and his body is full of tattoos. With more than 100 hours of study behind him, the artist just added a new one to his collection: a tattoo on his eyebrow.

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But it is not this new tattoo that is capturing the attention of half the world but one that is older. It is the drawing of a doll with dark hair and a rounded face that is located on the forearm of the artist and that it was made in honor of the one who was his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez.

What will happen now that he is going to marry Hailey Baldwin? Do you plan to erase the tattoo? For the moment, Justin Bieber will let the doll made in the image and likeness of his ex-girlfriend continue to decorate her arm. According to sources close to the artist, Justin does not want to get rid of him and Hailey does not bother him.

The truth is that many people think in networks that Justin Bieberno should remove that tattoo from his arm since it is part of his past and, thanks to him, is the boy he is today. Therefore, to erase the tattoo of something that has been so important in your life would be like erasing part of your story. However, others see it strange that he is going to marry Hailey Baldwin and that he keeps wearing the image of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

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