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Next Tuesday May 8 will start the Google I / O 2018 and our team is ready to bring you all the news that Google will present in one of the most important events for developers of the year.

And although there will be many software releases, it is rumored that this year you could see ads related to hardware, although this does not mean there will not be an event dedicated to the company’s new hardware products during the fall.

Android P (Preview 2)

As usual, it is almost a fact that we will see many of the innovations that will come to Android P this year, and the same thing happened with Android Oreo in I / O 2017, so we expect many new features in Android.

Among the possible surprises that will be revealed we hope to know the version number, which could be 8.2 or 9.0, and here we will begin to see many references to the new dessert that will be named this version, and from which many expect it to be “Pancake “Or panqué, although many also dream and ask Google to be baptized as” Pizza”, even if it has nothing to do with a dessert.

Similarly, we are likely to see in what security and privacy improvements Google is working, as well as the new design of Android, which until now is known as Material Design 2.0 or Modern Design.

Fuchsia OS

Much has been talked about Fuchsia OS in recent weeks, some say that it is the operating system that will replace Android, although in reality it could be a more closed and exclusive operating system for Google products.

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A few days ago we knew that the company could make Fuchsia OS compatible with Android applications and a few months ago we learned that Google was testing this operating system on a PixelBook.

Fuchsia OS is a great mystery that has been talking about almost 2 years, and many rumors suggest that the I / O 2018 will be the first event of the year where more details of this will be given, it seems that it will be in 2019 when we see it from commercial way

Wear OS

Surprisingly, Google changed the name of Android Wear to Wear OS, this to compete better with Apple’s Watch OS. Even Wear OS received a few important improvements with Google Assistant a few days ago, so it is expected that in this event there will also be important developments with this operating system, because Apple is taking all the market share of smart watches.

An economic Pixel

Remember that a few weeks ago we talked about the existence of a possible economic Google Pixel with which the company has plans to compete against Xiaomi and Oppo, as the rumors sound louder for the Google I / O this year, where it could be presented this new smartphone.

We do not know the features or price of this device, and have not leaked photographs that can give us clues to its existence, but it is said that could come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a screen 5.5 inches with LCD technology.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​Google seems to be to market the equipment in emerging markets, starting with India and then Latin America.

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What would you like to see in the new Google I / O 2018?

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