What to do when your best friend doesn't tolerate your boyfriend
What to do when your best friend doesn’t tolerate your boyfriend

It seems like the end of the world when our best friend does not like our boyfriend, but it is not!

Check what you must do to improve the situation and not die trying:

1. Listen to your reasons: You can not try to make your best friend likes your boyfriend without knowing why he does not like her. She may be upset about something he did to her sometime and you did not know about it, or she just does not like you to spend more time with him than with her.

2. Show him that you will always be by his side: Many times, when our best friend has a boyfriend and we do not, we may feel a little jealous that he will spend more time with his beau than with us. If this is what happens to your friend, show her that you will always be with her.

3. Make them spend time together: Maybe your friend and your boyfriend have not lived long enough to realize they can get along. Invite her to a party where the 3 can be together having a good time.

4. Organize a double date: If your best friend does not have a boyfriend, you can apply this idea, ask your boy to invite a friend. Obviously you have to be careful that it is someone that you can like your friend so that you do not have a bad time and you can live the four super quiet.

5. Talk to your boy: For two people get along well you need to both want to do it, so you’ll have to sit down with your boyfriend and talk about it. Ask him to support you and understand how important your best friend is to you.

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If you tried everything and your best friend continues to hate your ex, talk to her seriously, tell her how much you love her and ask her to respect your decisions. The most important thing is that both your best friend and your boyfriend respect and respect you, so that both relationships can continue to work.

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