Eat before gym
The reason why you should eat before going to the gym

Many times we carry good intentions and decide that it is time to give everything in training. Motivation invades us and we go completely for our objectives. However, no matter how much physical exercise we do, without adequate nutrition, we can hardly reach our goals. Knowing what to eat before going to the gym is a point that you should take into account.

Many people believe, erroneously, that exercise is everything to get the sculptural body they imagine and although it is true that physical exercise is essential for health and progress, food is another important pillar or more.

If you have ever found yourself hesitant because you do not know what you should eat before going to train, we clarify some questions. The first thing you should keep in mind is that before a workout, you must feed yourself properly. The body needs energy to face the effort and you have to provide the energy needs that demand. In addition, you should leave enough time before training, so that the intake does not cause you discomfort or cause any intestinal problems during exercise.

What to eat before training?


It is the most important nutrient you need before training. It is what will give you the necessary energy so that you can perform and give the most of yourself during physical exercise, reducing fatigue. Among the foods you can take, from half an hour to an hour before training, you can find bananas, muesli, energy bars, rice or corn pancakes, low-fiber cereals, wholemeal bread…


The protein intake should be proportional to that of carbohydrates. Proteins are necessary to absorb carbohydrates. If your intake is higher, we can notice an energy deficit. You can take skim yogurt,  cheese, oatmeal, protein bars, egg white…

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The nuts are an ideal pre-workout snack , since they contain carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. So you know, if you have trouble decidirtea handful of nuts is an excellent choice. Of course, always stay very hydrated and do not wait to notice the sensation of thirst. Do not underestimate the value of water and go for it. Without effort, there is no reward and the effort is not just to give everything in the gym, also in your kitchen.

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