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The graduate programs focus on working the competences that determine the employability of professionals
  • The graduate programs are born with the intention of orienting oneself to the professional practice and responding to the demands of the labor market.
  • Studying a graduate program is an option at your fingertips and we show you how you can achieve it.
  • Many centers offer their own graduate programs and expand the possibilities of studying at the University and access relevant knowledge for the professional world.

The offer of master’s degrees and postgraduate courses has grown as the foam in recent years and, in addition to universities, there are many centers of study and business that have also made their own training offer.

The postgraduate courses usually follow the same educational program as any higher education course aimed at professionals or graduates, but it is different because they do not obtain an official degree.

That is, its academic validity is more limited because it does not respond to European homologation, so its recognition may be more limited or may not be recognized for, for example, access to doctoral studies in other official university centers.

But, on the other hand, they are a type of studies with a better professional approach and that respond to the needs that arise from the labor market, either to cover new jobs or to master new skills .

Many professionals usually choose to study their own postgraduate degree to improve their employability, renew their knowledge or expand their network of contacts. Therefore, they tend to be a very profitable type of training for the professional level.

Requirements for a graduate program

Being training programs carried out by each university center, the requirements may vary from one center to another and respond to different reasons, depending on whether it is a postgraduate course of a public or private university or other private centers.

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In any case, there are requirements that are usually common to all centers or at least serve to assess the profile of the candidate and what he looks for with that training.

Qualification and training

The previous training is taken into account, but it does not have to be a determining factor.

Obviously, almost all graduate programs require that their candidates have a university degree or are about to get it, so that a minimum level of education is met.

Many postgraduates also take this into account, taking into account the field from which the candidates come and whether they possess the minimum competencesto be able to measure up to the subjects dealt with in their own postgraduate course.

Professional experience

Given the professional approach of the graduate programs themselves, this is usually one of the factors that is most valued among the candidates.

The postgraduate programs seek, above all, practicality and professional application, so they are aimed at active professionals and whose background brings richness to the course, but it is also useful to assimilate the training challenges.

According to the center and the postgraduate program, age can also be a valued factor, so that the program is aimed at consolidated professionals with some experience and professional maturity.

In any case, it is best to go to the center that offers the postgraduate course that interests us and know their selection requirements.

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