Dance All Night Sleep All Day Pillows
Dance All Night Sleep All Day Pillows

Are you one of those who are still awake at 2 am watching videos of kittens but the next morning you have to wake up at 6am? Be careful! Even if you do not believe it, not sleeping your 8 hours a day can bring serious consequences to your body, chew them!

– You get unbearable: When you do not sleep the hours that your mind and body need, stress levels increase, putting you in a rather unbearable mood that you will not even endure.

– Increase sugar in your blood: Not sleeping well affects your body’s ability to process glucose, which can cause high levels of sugar in your blood.

– Weight gain: Increasing the sugar in your blood will promote weight gain. You are gaining weight for not sleeping well!

– Reduce your memory: When you sleep your brain makes a cleaning process and leaves room for more information. Not domir not only affects your body, it also affects your mind.

– You become slower: Sleeping very few hours can cause alteration in your way of speaking and difficulty to learn new things and solve problems. In addition to that you become more prone to having an accident because it will take you to react to an emergency.

– You can not stop eating: Anxiety is one of the consequences of not sleeping well, and this almost always comes accompanied by the desire to eat calories and carbohydrates, that is, junk food.

– Eye bags and bags in the eyes: No one likes to look like a raccoon in front of their crush!

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Do you see everything that can happen to you not to sleep your 8 hours? Maybe today is a good day to leave the kitten videos and fall asleep early.

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