Movie should you watch according to your zodiac sign
Movie should you watch according to your zodiac sign

It is well known that the planets govern some of our physical and emotional aspects, depending on our zodiacal sign; these vary and make us have characteristics that define our tastes, including movies! Here we tell you what movie you should see according to your zodiac sign.

1Aries: Nerve

You have a strong character and a super intense personality, just like Emma Roberts in the movie Nerve. This movie will fulfill all your expectations, because it is full of adrenaline and love.

2Pisces: Love Rosie

Your virtues are tranquility, patience and kindness, so you are looking for content as passive as you are. Love, Rosie is a comedy, friendship and love film that will undoubtedly fascinate you.

3Aquarius: You Get Me

You are super open and never judge anything without knowing the context of each thing. For the same reason, we recommend this film by Bella Thorne, as you will be able to appreciate every dark detail behind her character without ridicule, criticism or prejudice.

4Taurus: The Kissing Booth

You characterize yourself as being warm, sensitive and loving, just like this popular movie! It stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi, and will undoubtedly end up being one of your favorites.

5Gemini Monsters University

You are super extroverted, friendly and full of imagination. Mike Wazowski and Sullivan will make you spend a moment full of laughs and fun. No doubt your ideal movie!

7Leo: Candy Jar

Your characteristics are courage, creativity and independence. In this movie, two students are part of the debate team of their school and want to enter two prestigious universities. Although they are polar opposites, an unexpected turn will end up uniting them.

8Virgo: The Help

You have the sign that governs the woman, so you are dominant, precise and stubborn. A film that you will surely enjoy to the fullest, because the main character, Emma Stone, seeks to give voice to those who do not.

9Libra: Finding Nemo

You love helping and doing good. You prefer to give before you receive, and that makes you a very noble person. Your ideal movie is Finding Nemo, it is full of solidarity and friendship.

10Scorpion: The Fault in Our Stars

Even though you tend to be aggressive, you are very sensitive. Your intense character borders you to love emotive films, for sure you will love The Fault in Our Stars.

11Sagittarius: Incredibles 2

You are super positive and adventurous. You love creating new experiences daily. We recommend the new movie The Incredibles 2. It will fill you with emotion and good vibes!

12Capricorn: A Cinderella Story

You are responsible, calm and hardworking. You will be fascinated, because you will completely identify with Sam, the main character played by Hilary Duff.

We love them all! Take out the popcorn, and enjoy!

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