Technological occupations makes analyst
Web analytics is one of the professions with the most future and that implies the mastery of highly demanded competences in any sector
  • If something has changed with Digital Marketing and new digital tools, it is the facility to measure all actions and take into account web analytics.
  • We show you the functions performed by a digital analyst and the importance of their work in the current labor landscape.
  • Already in 2012, the president of Adigital said in a conference, that she would recommend that the children of all those present should consider web analytics as the profession in which to train.

The Digital Marketing has made advertising and promotional activities aimed at have increased in quantity, and quality of its effectiveness.

This is because the online medium allows us to continue doing what has always been done in traditional channels, but in a more sophisticated and personalized way.

This is not only possible because of the possibilities offered by the digital medium, but also because of all the tools that have emerged with the digital transformation that allows us to extract data and analyze actions that were not previously carried out, or in offline media were more complicated to apply effectively.

Digital analytics makes it possible to obtain data with greater speed and detail, which is why results are reported, almost in real time, of all the actions that occur in the online medium, such as clicks on a promotion or sales that have been achieved. through social media advertising, well segmented and defined.

This rapid data collection also means being able to detect errors earlier or correct details to improve the profitability of each action. Therefore, the data improves the ability to react and find a way to make something work better.

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Functions of a digital analyst

Given the effectiveness and relevance of the data and its analysis, which company or agency will not want to have specialists who know how to collect this data, report it and use it to achieve the objectives of each institution.

The digital era is the era of data, which is why digital analysts are the  professions with the most future in the labor market.

Digital analytics answers the same questions as any marketing action, but in greater depth: What do you want to measure? How to quantify it? Why? What does it offer us compared to what the competition does?

The digital analyst is in charge of preparing the entire measurement plan that will be used in an action or campaign, with the necessary tools for data collection.

With this plan the data will be analyzed and from them, the effectiveness will be measured, changes will be proposed or errors will be rectified.

Daily tasks of a digital analyst

  • Define objectives
  • Schedule Inboud Marketing processes.
  • Segment data.
  • Create testing and hypothesis testing campaigns.
  • Create and schedule campaigns and events.
  • Track the actions.
  • Report reports on the evolution.

Use tools to measure different actions and with different purposes:  SEO, SEM, PPC, AdWords, Analitycs, Social media, email marketing, usability…

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