The pigments that have been used since antiquity?
The pigments that have been used since antiquity?

Historians and other specialists have studied pigments for hundreds of years.

Thanks to the study of pigments, historians and other specialists have managed to discover what were the old trade routes of materials and products, what connections there were between different artistic works, to what artistic period belongs a work of art and also if an artistic work is a fake or not.

According to these experts, the pigments can be classified as natural, artificial and synthetic. On this occasion we will only talk about the natives!

The natural pigments in turn are divided into organic and inorganic depending if they come from plants, animals or minerals.

Can you imagine which plants some pigments are extracted from? For the wood, the bark of the trees, the roots, lichens, nectar of flowers, fruits and herbs.

And from what animals do you think other pigments are extracted? Of remains of mollusks or insects such as cochineal.

Some examples of natural mineral pigments are zinc white, marble dust, ocher lands, iron oxides, Siena earth, lapis lazuli and green lands.


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