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What is the use of magnesium in training?

To serve Magnesium
To serve Magnesium

In previous articles we have taught you to protect your hands in CrossFit and to evaluate if it is worthwhile to wear gloves while training; but to be sure, you are about to apply magnesium on your hands to exercise. In gymnasiums it is quite common to see amateur athletes smearing themselves in this white powder to perform pullups, climb the rope or do dead weight. Is it necessary to use magnesium to have a better performance? What is your function really?

Most of us have heard that magnesium is used to prevent the appearance of annoying calluses on the hands; but beyond an aesthetic problem, this substance helps to maintain a better grip controlling that our hand does not slip by sweat.

What types of magnesium are there?

It is true that until recently, its use was only demanded by climbers or weightlifter; Nowadays, it is a supplement that you can take to the gym to improve your brands and perform more efficiently. Of course, try not to go smartass and apply magnesium to perform any movement. I have seen a few who use it to do the pine, when it really is not necessary.

Although you have only noticed the magnesium powder, it also exists in its liquid version. As for dust, many have a certain love-hate with this format. Despite being much more affordable price, it is less durable on the hands and messes too much. We are before a clear example that the cheap in the long term becomes more expensive.
In contrast, liquid magnesium does not get dirty, very little quantity is used and it is more practical. The price difference is not very high, just € 5 difference.

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You will also find solid magnesium, in the form of stone or chalk, but perhaps it is more focused on climbers than for a gym workout.

Is it really advisable?

I will not be the one to tell you not to use magnesium, or to buy 5 kg. Its use happens exactly as with gloves; There are people who would recommend it without hesitation because they get a good result, and others who say it is a waste of money.

Magnesium is cheaper than gloves, you can find it in different formats and it will not create sweat on your hands. The problem that you can find is that your gym is forbidden because it messes too much and you have to be constantly applying it to perform its function.

Does it control sweat? Yes, in fact there are athletes who use it on the back or neck to support the weight bars. You must be careful not to abuse your application or you will end up drying your hands too much.

My advice is to try both magnesium and gloves. Be yourself who decides what helps you the most in training. You may end up discarding both options and prefer to have a natural contact with sports equipment.
If you train outdoors and the calisthenic bars slide too much, you can use a more rudimentary method such as sand or dirt.


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