We will try to decide among all which is the most beautiful street we have in Spain. The difference of contrasts, between north and south, east and west, sea or mountain, make the decision is not easy. I propose some and leave open the option to add your favorites.

1The Paseo de los Tristes, Granada

Granada Walk of the Sad

2The Gran Vía, Madrid

3Calleja de las Flores, Córdoba

4Calle Larios, Málaga

5The street of Alcalá, Madrid

6The Rúa do Franco, Santiago de Compostela

7Betis Street, Seville

8Calle Camino Real, Cartes (Cantabria)

9The Constitution Avenue, Seville

10Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

11Street of the Blind, Jerez de la Frontera

12Passage of Lodares, Albacete


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