What is the haircut for your face type?
What is the haircut for your face type?

1Oval-shaped face

If you have this bone structure, feel lucky, because any cut that you choose will be perfectly with you. To see if you fit with this profile, you should check that your face is as symmetric as possible as Taylor Swift or Shailene Woodley. You will be able to master the lob haircut and the perfect length with soft waves for the summer.

2Square face

Unlike the long face, whatever you do, you should never resort to the fringe, as it will make the wide jaw that characterizes this type of face more noticeable. What you can do, is to opt for a shoulder lob like Lucy Hale or Kylie Jenner, and degrade the tips in a nice ombré to not balance the rest of your attributes.

3Triangular face

Although it could be confused with the type of heart, the triangular face is characterized by being a little less round than the heart, making the cheekbones straighter and the face look thinner. That is why to highlight that incredible bone structure, choose to bring long hair but picked up from time to time. Ariana Grande does know how to take advantage of this style.

5Round face

Characterized by being a face where the cheeks protrude, the best thing you can do is to choose stripe cuts in between and let the hair fall sideways to reduce the swollen effect. Check out how they dominate the Cara Delevingne and Emma Stone styles.

6Elongated face

Normally this type of face has a broad forehead and pronounced chin. To balance it, you should look for cuts that shorten this type of characteristics. A good option can be an even fringe accompanied by a bob to make it more rounded, or, a side bangs to balance your features.


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