Favorite Sport Spanish
Favorite Sport Spanish

With the question of the owner we do not refer to what sport the Spaniards like to see, but to practice. Thanks to the increasingly common tendency to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, the Spanish population opts for different physical activities. To know what those tastes are, depending on gender and age, the Acierto.com health insurance comparison portal has made a study.

The running is the favorite sport almost 12 million Spaniards, the reason is that you can practice together, alone, is cheap, we can do when we want and wherever we want.
However, the trail, the canicross, the obstacle courses and the popular ones have increased the possibility that most of them opt for this type of physical exercise.

It is estimated that each runner spends almost 500 euros a year in this sport, since they tend to sign up to several races and become “geeks” of sports equipment.

Running or gym?

You will be surprised to know that women are betting on the gym as a first option, being almost 12% more than men. Fitness, tennis, water sports, adventure sports and paddle tennis are other sports disciplines that are more common among Spaniards. In the case of paddle, men bet 7% more for their practice in front of women.

79% of the participants prefer outdoor sports , although the gym is the second option with more followers. Exercising abroad leads to greater caloric expenditure and releases many more endorphins.

What Spanish profile is the most athletic?

According to the study by Acierto.com, men between 40 and 50 years old are the ones who remain more active; on the other hand, those under 20 have a less demanding life.
They also say that the male sector spends more time per session of physical exercise and are a bit more active, although they also take less care. However, women take food into account, with almost 65% of those surveyed having made a diet.

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La Rioja is the most autonomous Spanish autonomous community, followed by Asturias and Andalusia. In contrast we have the Balearic Islands, Murcia and Castilla La Mancha. Although Spaniards are the Europeans who take the most care, up to 17 million Spaniards recognize that they have a sedentary lifestyle and 7% do not exercise at all.

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