Retrorunning Benefits
Retrorunning Benefits

The most usual thing is to run and walk forward, right? Even so, surely you’ve seen someone taking a few steps back and have thought about what he trains for like that. Today we’re talking about retrorunning, reverse running or running backwards. Perhaps the name has confused you and you have thought that it was a popular race disguised in the 80s, but no, the “retro” is not linked to anything nostalgic.

The retrorunning is an uncommon practice, but one that brings many benefits to our body. So much so that in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, has become a discipline with exclusive competitions. We tell you what are the sales and inconveniences that has to run backwards and if we can lose weight in a more effective way.

Benefits of retrorunning

Among one of the greatest benefits is intensity as cardiovascular training. It is one of the exercises that more muscle groups work, especially the quadriceps. Some studies emphasize that running back increases maximum oxygen consumption and heart rate; so a single lap of the race back is equivalent to six laps of normal race.
If you are looking to lose weight, you should keep in mind that in just half an hour you can burn 400 calories. Of course, running backwards for 30 minutes is not an easy task.

The number of injuries caused by running normally is reduced, since many runners usually have an erroneous footprint. Also, when a kinetic change is made, the impact on our knees is less aggressive and they do not damage each other as much. So much so that many physiotherapists recommend practicing it to strengthen the muscles on both sides of the knee.

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Logically, the balance and our peripheral vision are improved. By not depending on our vision, we will develop the rest of senses such as hearing. Of course, you will increase your balance and your ankles will be strengthened.

It is also emphasized that you will maintain the most upright posture. You will also have noticed that there are runners who throw their chest forward when running, so in this way we keep our shoulders and back straight.
Also, your abdominals will be much stronger and the lower back will be more relaxed during the race.

Are there any drawbacks?

Obviously, there are not many people who practice retrorunning because they consider it not a very safe discipline.

When running backward you should be aware that you can fall more easily, especially at the beginning. If you fall forward you can cushion the blow with your hands, but backwards? Also, by not being a natural movement of the human being, if we do not have the proper technique, it can negatively affect our spine. We will involuntarily turn the neck and head to make sure that we have the free way to keep running, so we can also increase the number of muscle contractures and cervical injuries.

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