what mobile phones use it?
what mobile phones use it?

What it means to have pure Android on your phone

Android is an operating system created by Google, which releases new versions every so often that have candy names, such as LollipopNougat or Oreo.

Google is the one that sets the pattern of how Android should be, but as it is an open and free system, many brands modify it and adapt it to their phones, giving it another aspect or added functionalities.

For that reason, it is called «pure Android» to the version of the operating system, without modifications or retouching, that Google presents.

Why having pure Android on the phone is usually the best option

Many times, the use of a pure and unmodified Android in our phone, is usually considered as superior to other versions.


Because, normally, when companies modify Android to their liking and change things, usually one of these situations occurs:

  • The icons or skins tend to be less attractive or become outdated to the new versions of pure Android that Google is taking out.
  • That design is often inconsistent with Google guidelines, such as Material Design.
  • They usually include extra or unnecessary applications that sometimes slow down the phone or use more battery than necessary. Also applications that you do not know exactly what they do with your data.
  • They tend to be updated more slowly , so you do not have the latest Android features and features.

It is not always like that, and some modifications of pure Android, like those made by Huawei or Xiaomi, are very well optimized. Others, however, like those of some Chinese manufacturers, do not contribute to having the phone faster and updated.

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Having pure Android allows to have an optimized system, without unnecessary things that contribute little, besides being very updated to the latest news.

Which phones carry pure Android

If it has convinced you, and you think that having pure Android you would like, here are the main phones that carry a clean operating system of add-ons.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Of course, the top representatives of pure Android, who also receive the updates before anyone else, are the Google phones, the Pixel 2.

Especially the XL version, with a heart attack camera and a much more modern design than his little brother, is the great representative of the mobile with pure Android.

Yes, they are not cheap because they are high-end phones, so the XL costs just over 900 euros.

The Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi has its own layer of Android customization, called Miui, which installs on their phones.

It is very well optimized, but it is very different. So in 2017 they took out the best quality-price phone and put Android One pure.

Result? A total sales success, in a mobile that works perfectly and constantly receives new Android updates.

With a very smooth operation, coupled with a spectacular camera for just over 200 euros worth, is the best option if you want to have pure Android and not spend a lot.

Motorola Moto G5s Plus

Except for some very slight variations that add some functionality, you can have an almost pure Android if you choose the Motorola G5s Plus.

An excellent mid-range mobile that for just over 200 euros allows you to enjoy Android as is.

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OnePlus 5T, the power of a high-end phone, at the price of average and pure Android

If you have something more budget, you can enjoy pure Android in a brand new OnePlus 5T.

For between 400 and 500 euros you can enjoy the highest power and a phone that competes in benefits with high-end that are worth almost twice.

So, if you want to have the latest, and enjoy it without additions, the OnePlus 5T is your best choice.

As we see, using phones that install the version of pure Android closest to the one released by Google is a guarantee of security. Also to be updated to the latest and that the battery or the performance of our mobile are not lost because of added elements of doubtful usefulness.

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