We already know that most of the readers of this blog are quite clear about what Android is, what differences it has with other operating systems and why it has so much growth. But we would like to at least have an entry in this blog that explains what Android is, even if it is simply to have a place to send to friends who ask us about our mobile phone.

So as a presentation, we explain what Android is, why it is said to be a free operating system for mobile devices, what is its history and why we understand this system as Google’s experience in mobile devices.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system initially thought for mobile phones, like iOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS. What makes it different is that it is based on Linux, a free, cross-platform and free operating system kernel.

The system allows you to program applications in a variation of Java called Dalvik. The operating system provides all the necessary interfaces to develop applications that access phone functions (such as GPS , calls, calendar, etc.) in a very simple way in a well-known programming language such as Java.

This simplicity, together with the existence of free programming tools, means that one of the most important things in this operating system is the number of applications available , which extend the user’s experience almost without limits.


One of the best features of this operating system is that it is completely free. That is to say, neither to program in this system nor to include it in a telephone is necessary to pay nothing. And this makes it very popular among manufacturers and developers, since the costs to launch a phone or an application are very low.

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Anyone can download the source code, inspect it, compile it and even change it. This gives a security to the users, since something that is open allows to detect failures more quickly. And also to manufacturers, because they can better adapt the operating system to the terminals.

A little history

Android was a practically unknown mobile operating system until in 2005 Google bought it. Until November 2007 there were only rumors, but on that date the Open Handset Alliance was launched , which brought together many manufacturers of mobile phones, chipsets and Google and provided the first version of Android, along with the SDK for programmers to start create your applications for this system.

Although the beginnings were a little slow, due to the fact that the operating system was launched earlier than the first mobile, it quickly became the best selling mobile operating system in the world, a situation that was reached in the last quarter of 2010.

In February 2011, Android version 3.0 was announced, codenamed Honeycomb, which is optimized for tablets instead of mobile phones. Therefore Android has transcended mobile phones to transcend to larger devices .

The Google experience in mobile phones

In the end we can summarize that Android is the way to deal with mobile telephony by Google, which understands these devices as a way to be constantly connected to the Internet. Google applications that are pre-installed on the phone, allow access to Google services in a very integrated way, apart from the Market application that allows you to install applications developed by third parties in a very simple way.

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Hopefully this is an appropriate introduction to what is Android and not be too outdated over time, because the changes in this operating system are being very fast. However, we hope that this blog in general serve to bring people to this great system.

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