Puro Android
Puro Android

From the section of Engadget Android Answers we get the question that makes us socram677 and that catches our attention. The question is exactly what do people mean when they call a Nexus, pure android? and we have aroused enough interest to do an explanatory post.

Many people call pure android according to what requirements, but all are summarized in one way: an Android customization that has fewer modifications better. This system is brought by the Nexus, devices with Google support and some custom ROMs that try to modify the system as little as possible.

This is because Google launches a version of Android that serves as a base and that is what is available to manufacturers and developers, because it contains the most basic operating system in terms of applications and functions. Then it is the manufacturers and operators who make a customization that makes in many cases lose the status of “pure Android” to which we usually refer.

There are many nuances of when it stops being pure Android and when it is already a full-fledged customization, but many coincide in the series launcher and in that there is no blootware (factory applications that nobody wants), although some accept it. To have a pure Android the easiest thing is to have a Nexus, which has no customization whatsoever, or install any ROM, which has been able to receive modifications, but often only the most expert get them to appreciate.

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