Where you're going to travel to the Airport?
Where you’re going to travel to the Airport?

Have you ever wished to go to the airport and take the first plane that came out? Since you have entered to read the article, dear owl, surely the answer to this question is affirmative and has created in you some curiosity, right? Well that same thing happened to us in the newsroom when they proposed a new way of traveling. What is Wowtrip? Traveling without knowing the destination until catching the plane? Of course, we accept. We had to share it with you.

To embark on this adventure, the first thing we need is something very simple: wanting to travel. And the second is not complicated either: we like the surprises. They are the only ingredients that ask us as travelers. The rest, something that we all control of wonder: know how to use the mobile phone.

A carry-on ... and travel.
A carry-on … and travel.

How does Wowtrip work?

The steps that must be taken to make a trip of these characteristics are simple. On the Wowtrip website you have to write your city ​​of origin , the people you fly and the duration of the trip. Then you choose the dates (any day of the year that suits you) and … to prepare a suitcase like the one we just showed you.

Just 48 hours before your departure, you can see on the same website at what time and in which airport terminal you should be. At that moment in Búho , a couple of doubts arose: what do we put in the suitcase and how big can this be? Well, two days before, they also tell you what time it is going to take and the luggage restrictions of the airline with which you will fly.

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Guess where we travel?
Guess where we travel?

In the airport

Before arriving at the airport we only had to know our destination. All the possibilities appeared on the Wowtrip website, but they were too many to give us an idea. In addition, the grace is in enjoying the surprise. Once in the terminal we only had to access the web and discover the destination. In our case, if you know about architecture, you may have guessed that it was Milan (Italy), since in the photo above it appears its impressive cathedral.

Just then we were able to download the boarding passes both on and off, the voucher of the hotel where we would stay and a guide in which they told us everything: from how to move around Milan, to the most typical places to visit, going through gastronomic recommendations.

The Navigli neighborhood in Milan is perfect for dining out and going for drinks.
The Navigli neighborhood in Milan is perfect for dining out and going for drinks.

Discovering our destiny

So, we ride the plane to the capital of Lombardy. We only had one thing left: enjoy the trip. We look at the guide and we opted for two options. The first, as is evident, was to visit Milan and its main monuments: its incredible cathedral, the Víctor Manuel II Gallery , the Teatro alla Scala , the Sforzesco Castle …

The second one, on the other hand, was to move to nearby Lake Como and stay amazed by the beauty of the place. We just had to take one of those boats that go through it to see the luxurious villas that dot its banks.

We came to the conclusion that we could get used to living in one of these houses.
We came to the conclusion that we could get used to living in one of these houses.

Many more surprise destinations

Of course, we investigate something else about traveling without knowing the destination. We asked the people of Wowtrip for the places they can take any of our owls and they explained that to more than 50 European cities, such as Brussels, Geneva, Berlin, Nice, Krakow, Budapest, Rome, London or Paris. “Our idea is that we are all able to learn to enjoy the experience with newer, cleaner eyes, with a different look that allows us to get excited again,” said its director, Alberto Alcolea.

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