Why Are Humans Primates?
Why Are Humans Primates?

It has to do with some parts of the brain…

Have you heard the contemptuous expression? Are you a primate?

Well it is not so out of reality, because for a few decades it has been concluded that human beings are very similar to the rest of primates. In fact, we are also primates!

Recently an international group of scientists studied tissues of human brains, chimpanzees and macaques. And they discovered new differences between humans and other primates! Do you want to know which?

  1. The human brain is three times larger than that of our closest living relatives (the chimpanzee, the bonobo and the gorilla).]
  2. Human brains have many more cells than those of other primates, which are more interconnected.
  3. For all the above, the human brain has more processing capacity.
  4. The human brain has different brain areas responsible for movement and walking on two legs.

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