Being overweight or suffering from obesity, sometimes goes beyond a lack of will. Mostly the problem lies in a poor establishment of food, although there are other causes that help to suffer cardiovascular problems.

Some think that the metabolism of people is also one of the problems that makes it impossible to lose weight so easily. Even, to attribute the thyroid of this disease is quite common. The reality is that people who have thyroid problems have a caloric expenditure equal to that of a healthy person, so this is not the main trigger. Obesity and overweight appear for a multitude of causes and then we tell you some of those that may be making you gain weight.

Have high levels of cortisol

Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone and is often closely related to the onset of obesity. When we are facing high levels of cortisol, we accumulate a greater amount of fat and we are more hungry. Surely it has also happened to you to arrive home with a lot of hunger after a hard day of work, or wake up famished after a bad night without sleep.

It is not easy to keep our stress hormones at bay, but we can have more control over them if we rest properly and eat healthy.

Suffering other illnesses or taking medication

Overweight and obesity can be a secondary reaction to another disease or medication. They are called neuroendocrine problems and can happen after the removal of a tumor, deficiencies of growth hormones, polycystic ovary syndrome …

Hormones also have a lot to do

We have spoken before of the hormone of stress and of growth, and it is not by chance that there are people more inclined to suffer obesity because of their hormones. Normally, girls with wider hips and breasts and boys with broad shoulders, tend to be more likely to have problems controlling weight.

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Many times, our endocrine system has difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates and fats. You could say that this is one of the main keys to understanding why the rate of obese people has increased in the last 40 years.


With sarcopenia we refer to the loss of muscle mass that is suffered with the passage of age due to hormonal decay. It is very common that with the passage of time we do not adapt our calories to the daily caloric expenditure. That is, when a person retires and enters an age group where they mostly have a quiet lifestyle, caloric consumption should decrease or if it does not favor overweight.

By becoming less active, our muscle mass is not exercised and therefore older people need help to perform basic actions such as climbing stairs or getting off the couch.

Bad habits and being hungry

Of course, bad habits of life and food are a fundamental factor. Many times it is not a problem the lack of will or physical activity, but the approach of a healthy diet.

Sometimes we also think that overweight causes us to be hungry, but it is the other way around, being hungry is what causes this cardiovascular disease. The adipose tissue serves to reserve energy and to secrete a leptin (hormone that controls hunger); so it counts more fat we have, less feeling of hunger.
On the other hand, when we are hungry to follow miraculous diets that do not satisfy us, at mealtime we will overdo it and we will be eating too much.

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