Your chances of dying
Your chances of dying

Far from preventing people from running away from sports, Unofficial Networks has revealed activities and habits that increase the risk of dying. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that the most frequent causes of mortality in the United States are heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, accidents, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

As a curiosity, this portal has collected data on the probability that we have of dying practicing some kind of sport. Obviously, this does not mean that it will happen to you. In our life we ​​are constantly exposed to the risk of death; that’s why more people die by falling down the stairs than by parachute. Do you want to know these curious data?

Sports and recreational activities

From boxing, to running or swimming. In any sport we can have a bad movement, that our body is not prepared or that something external (a wave, for example) causes us death.

Although the most dangerous is undoubtedly the base jump. Neither experts or professionals in this sport are spared from putting their lives at risk. One in sixty jumpers does not survive the fall. Maybe dreaming about flying should stay in just a dream.

Mountain sports also have their dangers, although comparing it to running, skiing can be much safer. Undoubtedly, climbing the Himalayas is the most dangerous, taking the lives of 12 people out of 100.

Unhealthy habits

Not only does the study reflect the chances of dying that we have, depending on the physical activity we practice. In case anyone was already thinking that it is best to stay on the couch eating fast food and smoking, we tell you that you will also increase your risk of dying.

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People who are overweight or obese in childhood and adolescent age (5 to 15 years), are twice as likely to die as those who have never had problems with excess weight. Likewise, people who are obese from age 15 and up have three times as many chances of dying.

It is very important that you take care of your diet, practice physical activity and stay active. Your life expectancy can be extended by up to 10 more years.

As for smokers, men multiply their risk of lung cancer by 22 compared to those who are not smokers. In the case of women, the risk is multiplied by 12.

They also emphasize that half of smokers die before the age of 70 and that cigarette smokers increase up to 10 times more their chances of suffering from mouth, esophagus or cancer. larynx.

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