Benefits Pilates Pregnancy
Benefits Pilates Pregnancy

Frequently, when a woman becomes pregnant, stop exercising. This usually happens for fear that there is some problem that may affect the health of your baby or the course of pregnancy. However, activities such as pilates can be a very good option.

Performing moderate activity during pregnancy can have great benefits for mom and baby. Therefore, it is recommended that, with the consent of the doctor and the supervision of a professional, a certain activity be carried out. In the case of pilates, it has many positive contributions and is one of the most recommended practices.

The Pilates method helps strengthen the abdomen, back and pelvic floor muscles without overloading the joints, making it ideal for pregnancy.

Benefits of practicing pilates in pregnancy

  • It helps to achieve a correct body posture and greater abdominal strength; thus correcting the pelvic inclination produced in pregnancy and reducing the pains in the lower back.
  • Improves breathing, applicable to the day of delivery and avoiding shortness of breath.
  • It promotes circulation, which prevents swelling of the legs and the appearance of varicose veins and cramps.
  • Improves the state of resistance.
  • It helps to maintain balance since this, with the changes that the body suffers, can be affected.
  • By strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, facilitates the time of delivery.
  • It improves the states of tranquility and concentration and, in addition, it provides energy.
  • Accelerates postpartum recovery.

These are some of the most important benefits that pilates practice can bring during pregnancy. It is important that the future mother is encouraged to mobilize the body in a calm manner; as long as the doctor considers it appropriate in his personal case. So, if you know a future mom who, out of fear or ignorance has left the exercise, you can advise her to ask for professional opinion about practicing Pilates. Its advantages do not occur only in the evolution of pregnancy, but the day of delivery. This can turn the moment of giving birth into a more conscious and more pleasant experience.

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Other exercises that could be highly recommended during pregnancy are swimming, or yoga among others.

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