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What are the benefits of dancing twerk?

Benefits Dancing Twerk
Benefits Dancing Twerk

Despite being a fairly integrated dance in our society today, it was not until 2013 that Miley Cyrus made it fashionable; although it has its origin in the 90s in Puerto Rico. The twerk or twerking is a dance that mainly exercises the gluteus, the core and the legs; nothing easy to do and that, far from trying to provoke, it seems to be an achievement to achieve it.

Miley, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna, Nicki Minaj… There are not a few singers who have popularized this dance, creating the need for both girls and boys to move their hips like them. Twerk schools are increasingly present and, although there are no fixed rules, this modality has more or less recognized steps.
As almost everyone will know, to perform the basic movement, we will have to bend our knees slightly and perform pelvic movements forward, behind or to the sides. With the “impediment” of not moving the arms, back or legs so that the movement of the hip is much more impactful.

What benefits can we get from your practice?

As we said before, it is not just a dance with which you will have a good time (of course), but you will exercise and tone your legs, abdomen, buttocks and lower back area. In addition, you will get a better control of your body, correct body posture and strengthen your pelvic floor.
In one hour you can burn up to 600 calories, imagine the ones you burn in a night club with friends!

Being a physical activity, your cardiovascular system is stimulated, improving blood circulation and keeping your heart healthy. Also, your lung capacity will increase when you have to perform fast choreographies.
It is even a very beneficial dance when we have the period, as it increases circulation in the perineal area and decreases menstrual pain.

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Of course, like any collective class, your social relationships will improve. In addition, your self-esteem will be strengthened by seeing a better control of your body and the admiration of your environment for dancing so to the beat of the music. For those who think that it is a macho dance or that it underestimates women, they have not really stopped to analyze that women dance twerk to like themselves. The goal of this dance is not provocative.

As a last datum, twerking produces a release of endorphins that will noticeably reduce your stress.


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