Instagram verification features
Instagram verification features

Social networks have become in recent years a real demand for all that user eager to share their photographs, videos, comments and even jobs or relationships through the Internet. The big brands know them, and for that reason they try to contribute the maximum to improve the experience of each and every one of the profiles that make up this type of applications. The passage of time generates increasingly visible improvements, but for this we must carry out tests in order to promote or deny such changes.

Well, it seems that Instagram is carrying out one of those tests. In this case, and according to the information suggested by the Australian publication Nine, these tests are related to the verification functions and only affect a certain number of users.

Changes to improve the user experience

Changes are the basis of progress, that’s why social networks live in a continuous alteration. In this case we talk about Instagram and the possible changes related to the verification functions that are planned to improve the general user experience. It seems that the company owned by Facebook is using a new method that is hidden inside the configuration screen. A differential procedure that will allow the owners of the profiles to request verification directly from the platform.

Everything begins when the person sends a request for verification. From this moment, and after being reviewed by the company at an individual level, it is decided whether it is accepted or not. In the event that the result is positive, the corresponding user will be granted the desired blue tick that shows that the account is verified. Of course, for the moment this function is limited to a very small number of users. Moreover, it seems that only Australian users who own an iPhone have the right to enjoy this new feature. Although some leaks indicate that Android owners may also be entitled to these alterations in the coming weeks.

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As for the rest of the world, it’s clear that Instagram is in no hurry to spread these new verification functions around the world. At the moment, little data is known of a change in the bases that could generate a slow process of implementation due to the large number of verification requests that exist in this social network.

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