The Batman movie Matt Reeves
The Batman movie Matt Reeves

This year Warner Bros will be the only one that brings us news of the characters of the comic world adapted to the cinema because Marvel Studios will not participate in this next edition of Comic Con to be held from July 19 to 22 in the city of San Diego.

According to Josh Wimbling of in the Warner Bros panel of the next Comic Con we can know many news corresponding to the DCEU and among them would be the following.

‘Aquaman’ trailer: The first trailer would finally arrive after months of speculation about it. The film is released in December and so far we have only been able to enjoy three official images.

Crowds of fans hope that some news about the sequel to ‘The Man in Steel’ will also be revealed.

Concept Art of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: The sequel to ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) starts filming this June and it is always expected according to this rumor that in the next Comic Con Warner Bros present a concept Art by  Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, the next villain of Diana Prince.

Teaser Trailer of ‘Shazam’: The only thing we have seen of Shazam has been an image revealed by the studio. The Comic Con would be a perfect place to reveal a Teaser Trailer but we recognize that that could take Aquaman‘s attention and the latter being the closest to debut, the right thing for Warner Bros. would be to keep the audience focused on it. Although we would not reject a Teaser Trailer to be shown.

  A photo that reveals the new Aquaman uniform is filtered

News about ‘The Batman‘: It is expected that the director of the next ‘The Batman’ Matt Reeves and the still star of the film Ben Affleck make an appearance during the Comic Con to reveal some details and to reassure fans of the bat who crave to know news about it.

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