Wacom Cintiq 13HD
Wacom Cintiq 13HD

I use it in full-time work with Zbrush making characters. It looks great quality, and I get the feeling that it will last me as many years as my intuos (about 5 for now) or even more. Before I used a lifelong intuits and the change has been spectacular. It does not heat up (just a little bit in the area where the cable connects to the screen, but it’s not a problem, since you hardly notice it). I do not know how I could live without her, really. If for some reason I was left without it, I would definitely buy it again, because once you get used to the good… there is no way to go back.

  • Pressure of 2048 levels, both in the tip of the pencil and in the eraser
  • LED Display 13 “HD (1920 x1080) Contrast 700: 1
  • HDMI connection 3 in 1 cables
  • New Pencil “Pro Pen”


Technical details

Brand Wacom
Series 13HD
Product weight 1.2 Kg
Dimensions of the product 37.5 x 24.8 x 1.4 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion needed (s), included (s)
Product model number DTK-1300-3
Color Black
Dimension of the screen 13.3 inches
Number of USB 2.0 ports 1
Electric power 9 watts
Software included Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Energy content of the lithium battery 2 watt_hours
Packing of lithium battery Batteries integrated in the equipment
Weight of lithium battery 2 grams

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It has comfortable soft-grip backrest and a removable and adjustable support, offers four ergonomic positions, including three different work angles. The slim and compact design occupies minimal desk space. It has a convenient USB port allows you to transfer photos and access files easily and is equally comfortable to use whether you are right-handed or left-handed, high-resolution LED display and four customizable ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring and Home Button for easy access to keyboard shortcuts.

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Includes the powerful Pro Pen

With a new ergonomic design, the Pro Pen provides a more comfortable feeling than ever. You can also rely on precise control, thanks to Wacom’s 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition. The pencil responds to the subtlest nuance of your touch, while pressing the pencil against the surface of the tablet, to obtain a control of the width and opacity of the brush.

Optimized in your own way

Work faster and easier with four customizable ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring and Home Button that allow one-touch access to your time-saving keyboard shortcuts. You define the shortcuts. Cintiq 13HD will work the way you want.

Simple configuration on any computer

The new and convenient 3-in-1 cable reduces clutter in cables and simplifies configuration on any Mac or PC.

Great visual appeal

The 21.5 “high definition screen provides all the necessary space for your creative ideas to come alive.

Ingeniously yours

Save time without sacrificing precision, control and artistic integrity. This is what brings illustrators and visual artists to Wacom. Your creation software is already optimized with integrated pressure-sensitive functions, so you can sketch, draw, paint and compose with natural and intuitive precision.

Optimize your graphic design workflow


To meet tight deadlines and customer expectations, graphic designers turn to pen tablets and interactive monitors for Wacom creatives to enjoy a more natural, intuitive and creative experience, allowing them to create and collaborate faster.

Questions and Answers:

Hello: within the 13-inch (13-hd belt) there are different models (dtk-1300-1; dtk-1300-3 ..) Does anyone know the difference?

The code differs according to the country of import, but they are all the same. Greetings.

  Twitter what is it and what is it for?

Wacom sells this monitor as a touch and non-touch screen. however both monitors are the dt-2700. Is this offer tactile? Can you confirm it?

If it is the Touch model.

Does it come with a screen saver? They told me that it came with a plastic film very close to the screen, is it true?

nope, does not come, bone, not as a screensaver, buy one, you’ll appreciate it

Is it normal for the pressure to fail? There are times when it blocks and does not work

Works with Windows 10

What is the difference between the pen and touch and the pro 13 HD normal?

Well, there are several differences. The pen AnD touch is the latest generation of tablets, it is tactile and comes with the pro pen 2 (it has more levels of pressure and is more advanced) and the normal one is the previous tablet what is cool is that it comes with express Keys for commands and in the latter if you want express Keys you must buy the remote part.

Does this product have touch? (touch screen)

Only the Touch version, which is specified in the model, has a touch screen, this version is only a graphic tablet with recognition of wacom pens. I hope it helps.

Can you record a video of the tablet’s drawing or writing activity autonomously, that is, with the computer turned off?

No, the tablet only works connected to the computer and with this on;)

Will it be worth buying it or better wait for a version with a resolution and pixel density improved?

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The truth is that I am delighted with this, it depends on what you want to do but I think it has a very good resolution and it is going very well, of course there will always be new and improved things, it also happens with mobiles, it is assumed that in 20 years there will be Much better things, but who can wait?
I hope it helped you. I flip with mine

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