Under Armour Will Finds A Way
Under Armour Will Finds A Way

Motivation is essential to achieve results in our training and is something that Under Armor knows perfectly. To encourage all their consumers, they have launched a campaign called Will Finds A Way, starring the famous Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In it, the professional actor and wrestler presents the story of eight athletes with great willpower and overcoming.

The American sports brand shows its values ​​of dedication, effort and resilience in this new campaign that will last all 2018.

Eight shocking stories

From the hand of “The Rock” Johnson we will know the trajectories of eight athletes:

  • Natasha Hastings, sprinter and world champion
  • Yusra Mardini, Olympic swimmer
  • Dennis Smith Jr., NBA baseman
  • Zoe Zhang, actress and national champion of taekwondo
  • Teddy Rinner, athlete yudoka
  • Jessie Graff, specialist in doubling action scenes
  • Johnny Agar, triathlete
  • Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, state boxing and gymnastics champion

Each of these athletes has gone through difficult times to achieve their dream. Natasha Hastings endured numerous criticisms for her strong and athletic physique; Yusra Mardini experienced first hand the war in her country (Syria) before participating with the Olympic Refugee Team at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro; Zoe Zhang suffered a serious injury and had to withdraw from the sport and Dennis Smith Jr. suffered a knee injury that almost snatched his dream of playing in the NBA.


Johnson’s life has not been easy, even though his fame shows a different side. He has had to overcome moments of adversity and be an absolute example of willpower, so his sponsorship is a clear reflection of this campaign.

He had to make his way on his own after going through the disappointment of not being able to become a professional soccer player, and with less than $ 7 in his pocket. There are no failures, circumstances or doubts that should make us give up our dream or goal in life.

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Over the years, I have failed a lot and abandoned my dreams, which has inevitably put me back against the wall.Through that struggle on my way back, I have learned that there is an undeniable constant to success, and that is to always be the hardest worker in the room, “commented Johnson.

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