Uber launches
Uber launches

Back in April we learned how an unofficial Uber Progressive Web Application appeared and was quickly removed from the Microsoft Store. It was a movement that obeyed the growing importance of this type of apps in different ecosystems.

We have already seen what are some of the advantages of the Progressive Web Applications that are supporting its growth. A fact that makes companies opt for them instead of traditional apps. And they have done in Uber, which now, have a PWA for Windows, both PC and mobile.

The popular and controversial platform for renting vehicles with driver, offers a Progressive Web Application in the Microsoft Store that is basically a version of the website of the platform. It comes to give relief to the Universal Application in Windows Phone that we saw ready to eliminate.

Users of the Microsoft mobile platform (also compatible with PC and HoloLens) will not have to “move” to iOS or Android if they want to continue using Uber from your Windows phone.

Given the ease of development and improvements offered by this type of applications, it is expected that they offer periodic updates to improve the operation of the application and add different options. The Uber PWA can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

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