You want to know about women
You want to know about women

This volume aims to explain to people everything they always wanted to know about the vagina but did not dare to ask, from what really happens in the clitoris to if the G-spot really exists.

“A new hypothesis is that the G-spot is not something physical isolated from the rest of the vagina, but simply a deep internal part of the clitoris that is stimulated during sex,” the experts say.

The best position for them to have an orgasm is the technique of coital alignment, which is a variation of the missionary position

“We have been educated to believe that the clitoris, the place of all female sexual pleasure, is about the size of a raisin, but the truth is that this little button is just the tip of an iceberg, a small part of a large organ and extraordinarily sensitive that extends deep in the pelvis of a woman “, they add in ‘Femail’.

The myth of the hymen

Just as the clitoris is not an isolated part of the female sex, neither is the G-spot. Likewise, the doctors demolish the taboo of the hymen as a test of virginity: they reveal that there is no “physical signal” to determine whether a woman He has already had sex.

“Since the Middle Ages we have been told that women are born with a hymen, a kind of stamp on the vagina that breaks when a woman has sex for the first time.” The bleeding that is supposed to take place has been used as a virginity test. In fact, in India, the Middle East and many other countries, this is still happening.”

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The G spot is not isolated from the rest of the vagina: it is simply a deep internal part of the clitoris that is stimulated during sex

However, the authors claim that there is no physical “test” that acts as absolute proof that a woman has never had vaginal sex.

The misunderstanding is that although many women are born with hymen, not all are equal. “The hymen is just a border of tissue in the vaginal opening, which is formed as a result of the development of the uterus.” And it has a hole in the middle, it’s like a donut.”

If there is a hole, why do some women bleed in their first relationship? “It could be because your hymen is not so elastic (which is normal), or because of the nerves of the first encounters, which can cause small abrasions on your vaginal walls.”

In short: there is no medical examination that can determine if a woman is a virgin or not with certainty.

They also discovered that the pill does not increase the weight of those who consume it. “Actually, the real cause of weight gain could be that many women get fat when they find a partner, which is usually the time they start with this method of contraception,” they say.

The best position for orgasm

As for the best position to obtain the female orgasm, the experts advise the technique of coital alignment, which basically consists in a variation of the missionary’s posture, but instead of penetrating it, the man moves a few centimeters more shape that rests on the shoulders of the woman, thus facilitating the stimulation of the clitoris with his penis. Her legs remain straight while he surrounds them with his, although it is possible that she also surrounds the man with his lower extremities. Instead of making a movement from the inside out, as in conventional vaginal sex, an up and down movement is made.

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The authors decided to write the book because they consider that there is great confusion and misinformation about women and sexual health. They began to analyze myths and misconceptions about female anatomy, and there were so many that they were compelled to collect all the information in a publication.

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