What is Twitter?
What is Twitter?

This post aims to help people who have not entered the Twitter world, but who want to do so.

Essentially Twiter is a service for family, friends and workers to communicate and be connected through short messages that answer the question, what are you doing?

Currently it is the most popular microblogging tool because of the number of users it has. Twitter, is a service that combines the concept of the blog (personal journal in which the author is publishing content in chronological order) with that of instant messaging (communication systems on the Internet that allow us to hold conversations with other users in real time) , allowing writing messages (which can be written from a website, from an instant messaging system, through a text message or through applications developed for this purpose), aimed at other users who use this service.

How does it work?

In just one step, this service can be used. You must create an account on the Twitter page by assigning a username and password. We will automatically get an account on Twitter, which will have the name:

Once the account is registered, we can add a brief personal description, a photograph and an address of another web page (for example a blog or the page of the company for which the account was created).

From this moment, we can use the text box that appears on the screen, write the messages we want (called Twitts) with a maximum of 140 characters. Both our messages and those written by other people appear on the screen by chronological order (known as time line).

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In order to read texts written by other people, we must become followers of these people. Through the search engine we can find other Twitter users, see their profile and description and clicking on “Follow”, we can see from that moment all the comments you post.

There are 2 ways to guarantee some privacy. First, you can block a user, so that if you do not want to, you can not see our comments. Secondly, we can block our account, so that when another user wants to become a “Follower” of ours, before we can see any of the comments we publish, we will receive an electronic mail in the account that we have given in the registration process when we checked in

Other interesting features are:

  • Allows direct messages: A Twitter user can send, only to his followers, direct messages, which can only read these. The message is sent via Twitter and received in the follower’s email account.
  • Reply to the published Twitts (using the answer option) so that conversations can be established. Through the tab “Replies” (answers) you can see all the replies received to the messages issued.
  • Favorites: you can mark (through a star next to the message) a text as a favorite so that at any time you can retrieve the message and other users can also see it.


Nanoblogging is configured as one of the tools par excellence of the so-called “Social Media” (which can be translated literally as Social Media). Its basic uses are focused on:

  • “Daily chat”: micro-communication tool with people from a closer or more distant environment based on synchronous conversations (the two are connected and exchanging messages) or asynchronous (one of the two may not be connected and the one who is leaving the message waiting for a later response).
  • Generate conversations: starting from a fact relevant to oneself, we seek to generate a conversation. A meteorological event, the purchase of a product, the complaint about a service or a doubt are sufficient basis for the generation of this conversation.
  • Share Information: Angle stone of these tools is to share information that one considers interesting. In this way, the tool becomes a primary source for obtaining information. For example: identifying “expert” or knowledgeable users of a specific topic and following them will obtain relevant information on a topic.
  • Report News: the immediacy of diffusion, its multiplatform nature that allows it to be used from any connected device and its social nature make it a source of news circulation.
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From the personal point of view, Twitter can be used to:

  • Generate community
  • Management of personal reputation and promotion of own content
  • Viralize messaging
  • Exercise the power of the consumer.

From the business point of view Twitter can be used to:

  • Collect the user’s opinion
  • Customer Service
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Product information
  • Payment Contents
  • Service
  • Discount coupons.

If you want to venture on Twitter, or you are already, but want to improve your participation in the network, I invite you to read the following article: 34 ideas about content for your community on Twitter.

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